We at Strait Web Solutions are proud to offer ADA compliance services that will help you ensure your website is accessible to all visitors, regardless of impairments or disabilities. We offer website accessibility audits, testing, and other web accessibility consulting services that will help you make your website ADA compliant and provide an inclusive experience for all site visitors. Browse our website today to learn more about the benefits of our ADA compliance service.

Ada Compliance Services

Our Goal

ADA compliance services from Strait Web Solutions provide access to our website to anyone who needs it. Websites can become fully ADA compliant by seeking out the services we offer that include: ADA web compliance, ADA level AA compliance, ADA compliance for websites, ADA compliance website, and ADA website compliance service. ADA web compliance makes our ADA-compliant website offerings complete with guidelines on design and content so that our current and future clients can enjoy inclusivity without having to worry about accessibility.


How We Achieve This Goal

As a service provider of ADA compliance website services, we are proud to be able to offer our clients a fully ADA compliant environment on their own websites. With over 10 years of combined expertise in web development and accessibility, we know what it takes to ensure your website is fully accessible with high quality standards. We have developed patented ADA compliant navigation technology that empowers you and your users by being automatically navigable via keyboard, mouse or touchscreen input. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have an ADA compliance website service that can be accessed by people with disabilities as well as individuals without any disabilities.


ADA Compliance Service | ADA Website Compliance Accessibility

More than a billion disabled Americans worldwide suffer because there aren’t adequate technology and communication methods available to them. ADA compliant websites guarantee equality of opportunities on every page. Strait Web Solutions provides compliance services to the ADA using an AI-powered web browser. Our ADA compliance tools are available online for online customers.


Legal issues for non-compliant sites

While federal government websites have always been required to be accessible by people with disabilities, there has never been a single instance where an agency has acted against non-compliant sites. That change was introduced when the National Foundation for the Blind (NFB) began addressing the matter. The company is suing numerous major organizations and corporations in connection with federal and state lawsuits involving them under Section 508. This website is not accessible to the disabled Internet user who has to fill out the application form or obtain certain information about the agency.


Are All ADA Website Features Covered?

We use advanced AI technology to help us offer a great experience to any visitor, no matter their level of impairments or disabilities. Visitors don’t have to rely on guessing navigation and functionality, as we automatically include important accessibility features and make your entire website ADA compliant. For example, your images should have captions so people who are visually impaired can understand the content you’re trying to convey. Likewise, it’s important that any interactive elements within your site be operable through keyboard commands so those with motor impairments can use them without issue. With these considerations in mind, our state-of-the-art AI technology provides you with the web design you deserve for those living with disabilities and impairments!


Accessibility Compliance Services – Your Best Choice

1. Change is constant and will keep happening: It’s important to have a company that has dedicated experts that have time and expertise to handle the ever-changing digital marketing world. You can count on us to help you keep up with new trends as they happen!

2. Trust is an important part of business: For some, it may be difficult to trust their marketing needs in someone else’s hands because it’s something personal. We know the landscape of SEO very well, and we know how critical it is for our customers’ online success. Our team can also offer other services like CRO, PPC management, email marketing, social media management and more so you’ll never have to worry about any other aspect of your website or internet presence again. When it comes to creating the perfect website for your business or organization, we’re the best choice!


Website Accessibility And SEO

In the long run it will be easier for you to make the website ADA compliant. Website ADA compliance helps improve site content, page speed — everything that affects the ranking of websites. ADA compliance services can increase the relevance of websites and improve user experience, thereby making them more valuable and useful. All these are good signals from Google that can increase your ranking in SERPs. Without a helpful site, SEO traffic can be lost, leads will be lost or profits will be lost. What do we need now? Get in touch to learn more about ADA Compliance.


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ACA) was introduced by Congress in 1990. The guidance has evolved over the years, but the main principle of the statute is the intent of offering reasonable accommodations for anyone with disabilities. This act builds upon existing law including the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. ADA has no specific website, but numerous courts have applied web accessibility standards to websites. The ADA-accessibility website is an essential feature that allows people to easily use it by using their own devices.


Front End Design Evaluations: Visible and Accessible Web Design

Web Design based on the user usually requires checking whether the flow of the website and its layout meet end-user demands. We can assess how your website is designed and positioned to satisfy user needs. In addition, we can help ensure the layout of your website is easy and accessible to any user. We’ll evaluate all content on the website to determine whether you are able to use a content format in compliance with a 508 standard. Additionally, we can verify that every individual can complete online forms successfully.


ADA vs. 508 Compliant Website Design

Section 508, the amendment in the 1973 United States Workplace Rehabilitation law, provides that websites are secure and accessible by disabled persons. Unlike Section 508, the ADA has its limits and the 508 standards are adapted to provide the most effective user interface. The website you create will also increase potential customers. Approximately 19 percent of the population lives with disabilities and making your website accessible will surely be helpful to your business.


The Goal of Americans With Disabilities Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates around 15 percent worldwide are affected by disabilities. Web content accessibility guidelines have been published in accordance with the Web Consortium (W3CC). The WCAG technical standards are designed to help developers with website accessibility. Internet content accessibility guidelines have been adopted by many nations and are currently part of many legislative programs such as American disabilities laws and Section 408.

Accessibility for everyone

Millions of disabled individuals worldwide are using internet resources for their needs and have a technology need that needs to be addressed with more attention. Websites that comply with ADA standards offer the same chances to see your online material and make informed choices. Strict compliance with web accessibility guidelines improves the website user experience and facilitates memorable brand interaction for clients. ADA compliance also makes it easy on users to feel respected on the web.

Long-term profitability

Sites with ADA compliance will increase profits and improve customer satisfaction. Although their income is lower, disabilities have accumulated billions in spending power. AIR’s latest findings show the benefits from inclusive marketing strategies in helping companies harness the purchasing power of nearly 20 million Americans with disabilities. Disabled Americans currently have around $490bn disposable earnings. The longer you wait for a comprehensive online service, the greater your potential for your competitor.

Positive online reputation

A Click Away Pound study found that 11 percent are more likely to seek support from their friends and family if unable to find coping mechanisms. Typically, ADA compliance websites are available to people who don’t want to use their mobile phone to view your site. Using a web platform you can easily get word-of-mouth advertising so a simple review can influence the perceptions and opinions of other people about your brand. A fully compliant website will increase your website’s online presence as a result.

Better conversion potential

Disadvantages exist in many forms such as vision loss, motor disabilities, developmental delays, or hearing impairment. Businesses geared toward the needs of these segments of the audience can greatly increase the number of people seeking information. A ADA compliance website helps maintain the interest of various audiences. The greater the number of people visiting your site, the better the retention rate will become. ADA website compliance allows more potential clients to become paying clients.

ADA tax credit eligibility

Businesses requiring Web access or meeting ADA tax credits by 2021 may receive up to $2,500 IRS ADA tax credit or ADA tax deduction. The tax incentives provide an invaluable resource for marketers who want to improve their web accessibility while struggling financially. ADA Compliance Services Site Tax Credit includes 80% ADA Compliance Site Expenses. ADA IRS tax credits allow individuals not only to spend some money, but to also invest in website upgrades or brand development.

website accessibility lawsuits

ADA enables disabled persons in certain situations to be protected by legislation, and online sites do not allow this. In 2018, 7833 compliance complaints against websites involving websites were filed and the figure increased exponentially in 2017. The risks of lawsuits for non-compliance with WP ADA guidelines can be very high. Capitalizing upon ADA compliance services provides protection for your company against serial web accessibility lawsuits.

Competitive advantage

Companies often neglect disabled customers. But many businesses have forgotten how much disability is important to them, and that they only represent 10 percent of online sales. ADA compliance will help you remain competitive. Improve your website accessibility with information on how to be ADA-compliant.

Challenges in Web Accessibility

Website developers know that website accessibility is vital to both regulatory and economic perspectives of the company, and provides new revenue streams to the organization. Unfortunately, construction in accessibility was laborious and inevitably ineffective. Specialists needed to build accessible websites which usually cost thousands or even thousands of dollars and often incur monthly costs.



Why Do You Need A Partner To Comply With The ADA?

In order to provide a positive customer experience, it is important to comply with the ADA. However, understanding how to make a website or web application accessible can be confusing, complicated and difficult. This is why we recommend partnering with a professional team that provides these services in-house and specializes in providing an inclusive experience for all site users — regardless of impairments or disabilities.

How Does Advanced AI Help Make My Website ADA Compliant?

Strait Web Solutions uses advanced AI technology to provide a great experience for all site visitors — regardless of impairments or disabilities. We use powerful machine learning algorithms to identify and then eliminate barriers on your website that may prevent some people from accessing it or finding what they’re looking for. Many people don’t know this, but it’s the law: Your website is only as ADA compliant as your least accessible page.

What Kinds Of Impairments Can Affect Site Visitors?

A lot of impairment types can affect how people see or interact with a website. The most common impairments are sight impairments (such as blindness, color blindness, and vision problems) and mobility impairments (like reduced range of motion or dexterity issues).

What Are Some Benefits Of Implementing Online Accessibility?

Strait Web Solutions specializes in ADA compliance services and utilizing advanced AI technology to provide a great experience for everyone. Our goal is to help make sure that people of all abilities have equal access to the internet, regardless of impairments or disabilities. One of the benefits that companies may see when they implement web accessibility is reduced training time and costs while allowing them to focus on the goals of their company. Other benefits may include increased customer satisfaction and faster development cycles.

What’s the Difference Between WCAG 2.0 AA and Level A Success Criteria

There are four different levels of accessibility: WCAG 2.0 AA, Level A Success Criteria, Level AA Success Criteria, and Level AAA Success Criteria. They each have their own requirements and provide a different amount of accessibility to people with disabilities. It is important to know what level you need before starting the design process because different laws apply depending on which level you choose.

Where Can I Learn More About Adequate Disabled Accessibility?

Thankfully, there are a variety of resources available to help you on your quest. First, the Department of Justice has a wealth of information about disability access laws in their publication An Employer’s Guide to Disability Access. Another option is to download the Department of Labor’s ADA Tool Kit that is full of training materials.

Why does ADA compliance matter?

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone — but it’s important to know that the penalties for failing to comply with ADA guidelines can be quite severe. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars in fines, or in rare cases even jail time if your noncompliance leads to someone getting hurt or killed as a result of your business failing to take steps to prevent it. We’ve put together an introductory guide on ADA compliance services from Strait Web Solutions so that you can learn more about why it matters, and how we can help.

What does it mean to be ADA compliant?

ADA compliance ensures a positive customer experience regardless of impairments or disabilities. ADA compliance standards are set by the Americans with Disabilities Act and break down into levels of accessibility to ensure that everyone is able to use the site equally. Although there are many sites that claim to be ADA compliant, very few meet standards set by the ADA.

How can you tell if your website is ADA compliant?

There are a number of resources available to help with your site’s ADA compliance, including step-by-step guides and tools that make it easy to test your website’s ADA compliance level using automated scripts against static pages.

Why should you get an SEO agency to help with these changes?

It can be tricky to make ADA compliance updates, and updating your website on your own is no small task. It requires not only technical skill, but knowledge of law and the disabilities community. But don’t worry: we’re here to help. The right agency will have expertise in ADA compliance services, which use cutting-edge technology to provide a great user experience for everyone — whether they have impairments or not. Our team can take care of all your requirements under the ADA so you can focus on running your business.

The features of our WYSIWYG editor have been designed specifically with accessibility in mind, making it easier than ever to update your website with little-to-no knowledge of code.

What is 508 compliance?

Originally passed in 1998 by the United States Senate in 1973 and adopted by President Clinton the Workforce Rehabilitation Act. This amendment provides that federal agency web sites and applications may provide internet access for people with disabilities. Federal agencies are responsible for preserving and maintaining the website and ensuring disabled persons can access information similar in scope to that of the general public. Although the experiences are different, all users are expected / required to be able to access the same information such as images and files.