Web design services are important to any business that has an online presence, and can also be crucial in determining whether or not your business will succeed. That’s why you should turn to a design service like the ones provided by Strait Web Solutions when you’re ready to launch your website or revamp your current one to reach even more people. Here’s what you can expect from our web design service.


Web Design Service

A Starting Point

Navigating the best web design agency can be challenging. Most of the time we’re looking for a competent and reliable company that will take care of our project from start to finish. At Strait Web Solutions, our team of website designers provide comprehensive web design services including content strategy, custom website design and development, eCommerce solutions and more. We start off with a free consultation to determine which service is right for you and then walk you through every step of the way. Let’s get started!


Who We Are

Strait Web Solutions is a web design company with a mission to provide solutions. When you need professional web design services, look no further than Strait. With such a wide range of services and more than 10 years of experience, we have the right team for your business needs. Our team has worked with hundreds of clients in the local area and around the world, who relied on us for custom website designs, e-commerce solutions, and responsive web designs. Whether you’re looking for professional web design services or something simpler like updating your website content or designing a brochure site, we’ve got you covered. Let our expert team help grow your business!


The Process

Strait Web Solutions provides quality web design services. We’re here for the following reasons; custom web designs, eCommerce websites, WordPress website, website redesign, mobile friendly website, RV and campground websites and other web designing services. That being said we’ve established our place in the industry as a reputable and highly skilled company that strives to help our clients achieve their goals.

Process of website design or development involves a number of stages which you need to understand when considering services offered by any organization. They are:

Website content – At this stage is where you would discuss with us what you want your site content will be like so that we can determine if your goals can be achieved.

Site architecture – Next on the list is the actual layout of your site. You may have an idea about what you want your site to look like but do not know how it should be structured. Maybe you have no idea about website architecture at all! In either case, this is where we come in and make it work for you! Allowing people to navigate around your website and find exactly what they are looking for without being distracted by everything else on the page.

Designing & coding– The next two steps involve actually creating the website design according to how it was agreed upon earlier and then coding the various elements of the site based on previously agreed specifications such as color scheme, typography etc. So, if you’re still wondering what it takes to create a website from scratch, now you know!


Benefits Of Choosing Us Over A Boutique Agency

Strait Web Solutions is a web design service company that provides website designing services for your business. For example, if you are running an online store and need an e-commerce site built from scratch, we would recommend our web design solutions. Our web designers will work with you every step of the way and create a custom site that meets your specific needs and demands. With a boutique agency, you may have less contact throughout the process because they handle more requests and take on multiple clients. If this is something that worries you or frustrates you, choosing Strait Web Solutions will help eliminate these fears.


The Value We Add In Web Design Services

When you hire us for your web design services, we offer a free consultation about what you need for your website and an estimate of the costs. We have extensive experience in creating effective and visually compelling websites for our clients, including making sure that the site is optimized for search engines so it can be found on Google. We provide you with full service package when it comes to web design services from pre-development brainstorming, page layout and theme implementation up to post-development SEO strategy and analytics reports.


Responsive Web Design

If you are considering a website redesign or have an outdated site, our services for web design can help make it easier for your visitors. Your website is the central way of communication for your company, and we have services in web design that will be tailored to your needs. From concept, branding, and streamlining navigation’s all the way through implementation, content management system integration and search engine optimization, we will be here to offer sound advice and actionable steps towards bettering your business.

Services offered by our web design company include responsive web design. Most people are accessing their sites on mobile devices these days and having a responsive web design means that when the screen size changes so will the layout of your site.


6 Key Elements of an Effective Website

1. Site Speed – A website that loads quickly is going to be a better experience for the user and will show that the company cares about its customer’s experience.

2. Responsiveness – One of the most important features of a responsive design is being able to navigate smoothly through various types of devices, no matter how large or small they may be.

3. Top-Quality Content – If your site lacks quality content, it could turn visitors away because they won’t want to waste their time reading poor-quality writing. Keep things interesting with captivating stories, graphics and information relevant to what you do in your business day-to-day!

4. Security – It’s important to have web security measures in place as hackers are always trying to find ways into our computers and data bases.

5. Strong Social Media Presence – You can get many customers just by having a strong social media presence online.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO is key when it comes to getting traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.


Our Unique Approach To Website Design

At Strait Web Solutions, we take pride in helping companies find the best solution to suit their business needs. With years of experience in web design and development, our team has developed a step-by-step process that takes your company’s needs into consideration, beginning with discovery and ending with execution.

To begin the process of finding the right design solution for you, all we need is some information about your current website – or lack thereof! To start things off, contact us today and discuss with us so that we can know what’s working well for your company right now (and what isn’t!). With this knowledge on hand, we can develop a strategy plan tailored to what you need.


Incorporate Changes Into Your Website Designs

If you’re interested in a website design service for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Strait Web Solutions has helped create great websites and impressive online presences for some of the most well-known businesses in your area. We’re always excited to work with new companies, whether they want a simple site or something more extravagant. We’re experienced designers that know how and when to use style, texture and color. Here are some of the things that we offer during our service:

– Colorful designs with clean lines

– Professional typography

– Responsive layout designs

– Original blog post content for creative blogs

– Imagery tailored to the niche

– Attractive and intuitive navigation


Additional Services

Strait Web Solutions is a full service web design and development company. We specialize in creating mobile responsive websites, search engine optimization, marketing campaigns and e-commerce solutions. Our team of SEO experts and digital marketers have the know how to propel your business into the 21st century with the help of our cutting edge designs, features that are optimized for each individual user and a professional strategy that will give you an edge over your competitors. Whether it be an overhaul or a simple website update, we’re there with everything you need to grow online.

Digital Marketing Site Services

Whether you’re a business looking for assistance with your website’s design and maintenance or an individual in need of a website, there is no company better than Strait Web Solutions. We know that websites are extremely important to the success of your business and can help generate more revenue. That’s why we work hard to deliver the best web design and digital marketing services possible, so that you won’t have to worry about anything other than running your business. For over 10 years, we have been providing stellar web design services such as responsive websites, e-commerce stores, blog sites and more – all tailored specifically for our clients’ needs.

Search Engine Optimized Website Design

For those looking for a website design service that creates search engine-optimized websites, you can find one at Strait Web Solutions. All websites created by our team have designs that are created to meet Google’s Mobile-Friendly and Page Speed Standards, so the user experience will be optimally enjoyable. We use industry best practices to create responsive web designs that work on all devices and screen sizes. Our creative web designers work hard in order to create sites with high levels of interactivity which include animation effects and live data feeds. We strive for creativity in everything we do because we want your business or organization to stand out from the competition.

Website Analysis

We are specializing in evaluating and improving website conversion potential, threats, weaknesses, and strengths. The SEO audit includes competitor analysis, testing speed and functionality and analyzing the traffic to the website. We use such a technique in order for your website to perform better and improve the effectiveness. Improve the loading speed of the site and enhance its security by using web host services from Strait Web Solutions. Hosting Plans are available in various forms to suit your requirements and budget.

Maintenance Of Websites

It’s essential that you maintain an updated website to make it run properly. Strait Web Solutions performs regular site checks to determine the key areas where your site needs improvement. Analytic data provides a tool for assessing the performance of websites, improving the page load speed and performance. 88 percent of internet users leave their websites without returning to the site due to poor user experience.

Our Support

Many small business owners choose to DIY their own website because it’s seen as easier than hiring a professional. But this can actually create more work, as you’ll need to deal with anything related to your site-whether that be updates or server maintenance. We offer expert web design services in Winnipeg and beyond so you can feel confident knowing someone else will take care of all the details! If you’re looking for reliable and experienced web designers who take pride in their work, contact us today!


Showcase Your Thought Leadership Brand with Robust Web Design

In the digital age, it’s vital to remain in contact with customers to gain new customers. The world population is estimated to account for about four billion active internet users — 59 percent. Approximately 53 million users search online for branded products and service brands in order to stay informed. According to Episerver’s research, 92% of consumers visit the website without buying the product. They are product/service reviews, comparison shopping, and business reviews. The results show that consumers don’t purchase at impulses.


Investing in conversion-focused Web Development services will help increase the online reputation of your business. Optimize the Web to gain online visibility and attract the right customers. Make a partnership with a professional web design company and ensure that your company is viewed by the right audience on every possible device.


Web pages and their usability can also be considered to be a measure of value for the web page a search engine may be offering to users. SEO-optimized websites and responsive website design increase search volume. We can provide web development support for your site to meet search criteria and to improve the usability of your site.


According to eMarketer research, more than 70 % of smartphone users use the smartphone to perform product research. This group makes up 52.6 percent of the global Internet usage. Our web designers make a trusted signal to your website and improves mobile compatibility and convert this into the form of Lead generation machine.


Things to Avoid in Web Design

Difficult Website Navigation

Navigation affects every aspect of the site’s functionality and is often used to determine conversion rates. When navigating a new site, a user can locate a specific page easily. If it seems confusing or difficult to navigate, visitors may not return for a while. Put yourself into your shoes as an online user and try identifying the type of content your site offers via the navigation link. If you cannot easily search your content using your keyboard or mobile phone, you can change your web page to improve its navigation.

Contains Dead Links

Dead links, also commonly called broken links, affect a website. It looks similar to a normal link, but as the name implies, it doesn’t redirect a visitor to the intended site; the link will be deleted unless a user clicks it. Dead Links redirect users to 404 errors page many times which result in the user exiting. It’s good to know there aren’t any manually clicked links to the sites you visit to see if it works. You can delete a dead link or update the link with a new address.

High Bounce Rate

The resulting bounce rate in Google Analytics measures how many times visitors visit a website on a daily basis. While bounce rates vary, an average of 40 – 55 per cent of the total site visitor visits a webpage only in a single session. A higher bounce rate generally equates to poor customer experiences. If visitors are not having an enjoyable experience when they visit and use your website, then it is possible that they leave without a chance to return.

Not Secured With HTTPS

As internet security breaches continue to increase, internet users are using websites more cautiously. For security purposes, a website must use HTTPS security. HTTPS is an encrypted protocol which scrambles data transmitted to or through websites to prevent unauthorized people from reading them. If logged into Google Chrome you will get an encrypted padlock, whereas HTTP results in the label “Not Secure“.



Why is Content so Important?

Without content, a website is just an empty shell. In fact, many of the things that users want from the web are found within web content: research, shopping, entertainment, and more. Along with search engines and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, content continues to play a major role in how we interact on the Internet today. Given all of these demands for quality writing and publishing services in digital media platforms, it can be difficult for smaller businesses or organizations to get noticed and meet their goals on limited budgets.

How Often Should I Update My Site?

You should plan on updating your website at least once a month, whether or not it needs it. Simply making sure that you are staying up-to-date with whatever is happening in your business is important and will show your customers that they are valued and their input matters. Let’s say that a recent graduate of one of your courses finally got a job after months of job searching. That may be worth mentioning on the site. Or maybe there was a new product you added recently? Maybe an instructor at the academy left for greener pastures? The sooner people know about these things, the better!

Why do you need web design services?

No matter what business you have, your website is arguably the most important element. A good website will attract potential clients and help you build credibility. A bad site can destroy customer confidence and cause them to click back away. But with so many design services out there, how do you know which company to trust? If you’re looking for a top-notch web design service in Port Angeles, WA, look no further than Strait Web Solutions! We’re proud of our many years of experience and commitment to high-quality customer care in order to guarantee that we always meet your needs.

Strait Web Solutions has been designing quality websites since 2009. Our team’s mission is to listen closely and then create custom web design solutions tailored specifically for your business’s needs while meeting each project’s strict deadlines.

What is web design?

The term web design refers to how a website looks. A website’s design can encompass many aspects, such as the layout, look and feel of the site, overall aesthetics, usability and accessibility. Think of web design as an overarching creative process that is responsible for shaping a business’s online presence and experience with their target audience. After all, it doesn’t matter if your business has the best product or service if no one can find you.

Why professional web design matters?

Your site has to be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious with functionality, enabling visitors to explore the website in a way that supports your commercial and advertising campaign. The balance between utilitarian beauty and tangible outcomes is delicate. The importance of your online site is more than your shop. A well-designed site is a central point for digital marketing efforts and lead generation activities. But there is something more. Your website gives clients insight into how well your business is doing. You will be able to show customers what kind of customer service they should expect, so you can not shortchange a site.

How responsive web design improves user experience?

Improve Website Performance And Create unparallel branding interaction. A responsive website is essential when enhancing the user experience. Responsively designed websites offer consistent experience across screen formats. It eliminates unnecessary pages and delivers great user experiences online. Using WordPress website design can make you more profitable.

Why Every Business Needs a Website

Everyone needs a website. When it comes to marketing your business online, a website is the best tool you have. Web design company services like those offered by Strait Web Solutions can make that happen for you in no time. We offer fast and effective web design services that will give your company an online presence. From site architecture and visual design, to coding and search engine optimization, we can provide the ideal solution for your needs.